Greetings to everyone around the world,

Japan is home to many extraordinary Fighting game players, notably the tokyOsou group, which consist of MOV, yukadon, kindevu, EITA, BEGETAMINB, VX, inuchiyo, ponzaman, and many more. However, it is very rare for many of the phenomenal players to be able to attend oversea tournaments despite a strong performance from players like MOV, yukadon, and EITA, all whom achieved Top 8 at the most prestigious tournament this year, the Evolution Fighting Game Championships 2016. Most of them do not travel outside of Japan due to costly travel expenses and accommodation.
Therefore, we are currently seeking potential sponsorship to help bridge the gap between Japanese players and the international competition. If there are any individuals or organizations interested in promoting these players please contact me.
ON Players seeking sponsorship


confirmed heading to China Aug 12

contact me for sponsoring Freezer (who’s planning to visit CC6) or any of the ON team