Polite Phrases 1

Being polite is a tactic. Choosing when to use it is a skill.


I want >  I would like > Is it possible to… > I would be grateful if…


I want you to know that > I would like you to know that > Please note > I’d like to inform you / I’d like to advise > Please let it be known that > Please /Be advised that 

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Polite Phrases 2

Direct > polite > Indirect or super polite

I want > I would like > [Would it be / is it] possible to have

Thanks / Cheers > Thank you (very much) > That’s very kind / I’m (so) grateful for…

I can’t make it > I’m afraid I can’t be there / present > Unfortunately it’s not possible to attend

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Used to do

I played tennis in the past. I played it regularly. Now I do not. Now, I play KOF, regularly.

I used to play tennis.

I didn’t use to play KOF.

I lived in London for 15 years, now I live in Paris.

I used to live in London.

I didn’t use to live in Paris.


Before we can order at a restaurant or eatery, we need to know what we are eating! In this article, we will look at meat.


animals and their meat
image from https://twitter.com/learneng1


Cow > Beef
Young cow > veal

Pig > pork / ham / bacon

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