Three person business meeting roleplay

The Finance Director is leading the meeting about the company future. They have invited Sales, and Marketing, to discuss how to proceed.


A: (greeting, agenda: six topics) (start first topic)



A: propose change, ask for opinion

B: disagree with reason, ask for opinion

C: agree, propose idea, ask for opinion

A: give opinion on idea, summarise. Ask for vote. Conclude point. Move to next.



A: propose using Social Media, ask for opinion

B: disagree with reason, suggest TV ad, ask for opinion

C: disagree with reason, suggest Magazines, ask for opinion

A: Explain the budget and what is possible.  Summarise, vote, conclude.



A: Explain the slogan, propose to keep it

B: disagree, propose to change it

C: agree to change it, suggest a new slogan

B: agree

A: summarise


Designs and styles

A: Recommend a new style or change, ask for opinion

B: agree, suggest hiring designers from Asia to help

C: interrupt to suggest a French designer

B: interrupt, ask to finish point

C: apologise

B: finish point, ask C to give their point

C: Suggest a French designer, ask for opinion

A: Ask for vote, take vote, summarise


Point of Sale

A: Suggest using SM campaign

B: Agree but suggest POS at airport to boost sales, ask for opinion

C: Agree but suggest opening a new store at La Defense, ask for opinion

B: Question the cost

A: Disagree with cost. Summarise, vote, conclude.


Market Segments

A: Current position is everywhere, recommend trying to attract younger market share

B: Disagree and recommend selling to rich only, ask for opinion

C: Disagree, recommend lowering price and selling in supermarkets, ask for opinion

B: Disagree

A: Interrupt, apologise and explain lack of time, Summarise, ask for vote, conclude



A: Summarise, conclude, give thanks and goodbyes.