Salary Negotiation Roleplay

Attempt to use formal polite and higher level English synonyms.  Make sure you have read the guide to meetings vocab first.


We’re working on it = no

I can’t confirm that = no

we’d love to = no

you’ll get great promotion = we have no money

you can / we can = no guarantee

where do I sign = I am ready to sign your contract

NDA = Non Disclosure Agreement, this is your promise to keep details secret, a contract that means they can sue you if you break this promise.


Hello Kim, thanks for joining this teleconference.

x: yeah, what do you want?

o: give greeting and give thanks for invitation

We’ve been watching your success and we’d like to offer you a place in our team!  What do you think?

x: I accept immediately!

o: give thanks and ask for the conditions

Of course, you’ll get a special jersey with your name and our partners, plus your own page and promotion through our networks, it’s going to be very exciting!

x: where do I sign?

x: listen you crooks, tell me what is the salary

o: express comprehension, show interest and ask for more details.

We’ll stream your matches on our youtube and twitch accounts exclusively, so you can get maximum exposure!

x: get lost, those are my clicks you’re stealing

o: express gratitude, ask politely about support to travel

Ah yes, you just need to submit an expenses form, and we will always consider helping you to travel to an event!

x: oh, so that’s not guaranteed? Go to hell

o: show you understand. Ask about when payment would arrive.

Yes, that depends on current finances but it’s usually two weeks after we receive proof of attendance.

x: that depends? Wow, so you can’t even guarantee payment ever? Scumbags

o: express gratitude. Ask if there are any vacancies for employment.

We’re working on it, and of course, we’d love to give it to you as soon as possible!

x: get rekt

o: give thanks. Summarise the offer and ask if there any obligations.

Well, you’ll need to sign an NDA about our arrangement and then you just need to use our gamertag and wear our shirt at every event, and only broadcast through our channels.  You’ll be all over our networks!  Doesn’t that sound great!  We’ll send you the contract now.

x: I’m desperate, so ok.

o: give thanks and explain you’re looking at offers from other organisations so you may not be able to accept immediately.

Oh, and we would love to support you!  As you understand, the eSports scene is still in the early stages, and as we said, we want to support you the best we can, and as soon as we get the funding, we will support all those who teamed with us.  Actually, can we ask which other organisations approached you?

o: politely decline

Ah, I see, well we’ll send you our NDA and contract, and maybe we’ll talk to our finance department to see if there’s anything else we can do to support you.  Do you have any other questions?

o: decline, give thanks, end the call.

Thank you again for the call, hope to hear from you soon! All the best!

o: goodbye


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