1. Asking
  2. Giving
  3. Confidence
  4. Personal Opinions

1. Asking

How do you feel about..?

What do you think (about this)?

What’s your view (on this)?

Why don’t you share your view?

What’s your take (on this)?

How do you/we feel about … ?
What’s your feeling on this?
What are your feelings about this?
Do you have any questions ?
What’s your view?
Are we agreed?
Would you like to comment?
Any remarks?
What did you think about?
How can we improve ?
What’s your opinion about my presentation ?
How did you feel about … ?

*What is the difference between thinking and feeling?

2. Giving

I / we  think

I believe

In my opinion

If I were you…

I would say

I can say

I’m of the opinion that

In my /our opinion …..
I think …
I feel….
I believe…
As far as I am concerned…
From my/ our point of view… (In / on my point of view is NOT CORRECT)
From where I’m standing, it looks like…
If I understand well…

3. Confident opinion

It goes without saying that…


Of course, …

It’s my conviction that

It’s my belief that

I strongly believe that

4. Emphasis on personal (not company) opinion

Well, personally I think

In my own opinion

In my own view

For me, that is…

From how I see it

From my point of view

From where I’m standing, it looks like

As far as I’m concerned

As I take it

As far as I know

As far as I can see


What’s your ____ (on this)?

If I ____ you…

From where I’m _______ , it looks like…

(delete as necessary) In/ on/ from our point of view…

It goes without ______that…

I _____ say that is a good idea, however….

As far as I ____

Use an expression to say that something is obvious

Give your confident opinion of the weather later today