Meeting Roleplay 01

This roleplay is designed for a student and teacher, with more focus for the student to speak. For two students use roleplay 1b.

Meeting roleplay with your business partner, you represent a tshirt company, you want to invest in importing. Take the role of A.

A: (very polite greeting)

B: Good morning

A: (start the meeting)

  • Agenda: country of manufacture, choice of colour, size of order
  • There is no other business but ask anyway


  • Introduce the first topic
  • (Compare India, China and Morocco)
  • Ask for questions

B: yes, why don’t we order from a French company?

A: (politely refuse this idea because it’s too expensive due to tax and the French company will probably import from China anyway)

B: I have a friend in Marseilles who produces shirts, it’s a family business and he’s expanding, he’s due to open a store in Paris this year –

A: (interrupting positively)

(ask for the details to be emailed so we can compare the costs.)

B: oh okay then

A: (Move onto point 2)

(Choice of colours: compare and give your opinion on best colour due to season and market trend-prepare to be interrupted )

B: interrupting – actually my friend,  said that the colour-

A: ask to finish your point first

B: oh sorry, go ahead / please continue

A: (finish your point, ask B to continue their original point that you interrupted)

B: bla bla bla bla

A: (thank B for their comment, move onto point 3 offer small medium or large order. You think large is best, ask for opinion on which order to make)

B:  a small order might be good, we would have a smaller risk

A: (disagree, give a reason, ask for opinion on larger order)

B: but that’s very expensive a medium order would be better probably

A: (partly agree, point out cheaper cost of larger order)

B: I see I see, maybe we should go for the largest order then

A: (agree strongly)

B: well that’s agreed then, let’s do that

A: (finish, conclude, arrange next meeting to discuss costs of using friend’s business)

B: Actually that won’t be necessary, let’s just go with your proposal

A: (agree, next meeting is to discuss funding sources and anything else, confirm time, thanks, end)