Advanced Polite Phrases


I want >  I would like > Is it possible to… > I would be grateful if…


I want you to know that > I would like you to know that > Please note > I’d like to inform you / I’d like to advise > Please let it be known that > Please /Be advised that 


No > I’m sorry > I’m afraid


Please accept our apologies 

Sorry for that > I apologise for this

With regret

I can’t > it’s not possible

I / we apologise for this inconvenience


I need to tell you > I just would like to let you know that >  it is necessary to inform you

I have to tell you > we have to tell you > it is required to advise you that

You should > it is advisable to

I’m sorry to tell you > we regret to inform > with regret, we have to inform you / We regret to advise you

No > We would like to but / however

And > Also > In addition

So > Therefore

very personal : if I were you / it would be good if you could

I promise > I can assure you > I assure you / You can be sure that / I’m sure that


Needing a response

Please email me back asap > I look forward to hearing from you

I need a reply > Hoping to hear from you soon

Looking forward to hearing from you (soon)

Looking forward to your prompt response

Reminders: just following up / just bringing this back up your inbox / just checking in with you / just a gentle reminder / I was just wondering if you were able to …

Give me

I need > I require

… is required

Would it be possible to have

I am required to ask > we are required to ask 

Please do this > I would be grateful if you could

Could you do this > It would be appreciated if


I don’t have time for you > There isn’t enough time

There isn’t a lot of time left / remaining

We are running low/short on time

As the deadline is approaching


Send me

Could you please send > Would it be possible to send

It needs to be sent by xx /  at the (very) latest


Can you

I /we would be grateful if you could > It would be appreciated if you could >   It would be appreciated if the xxx could be done

Can you > Could you > Is it possible to > I was wondering if it’s possible 

Can I/ Shall I do that for you? > Would you like me to?


Must I do this? > Is it necessary to do this? > I’m afraid it’s not (really) possible

Unfortunately that’s beyond my responsibilities at this moment

What do you want?

Please let us know your requirements

What can we do to help/assist / you?

Please let us know what we can do to help you


Have this > I would like to give > we are happy to provide

I’m happy to tell you that I can now give you

Here is your xxx, I hope this is to your satisfaction

We are delighted to announce that

We’re glad to let you know that it is now possible to

We hope you will be pleased to receive

Please find enclosed your … with our gratitude

Thank you for your patience, here is your ….


Cheers > Received with thanks

That’s appreciated, thank you

Please accept our gratitude

Thank you for

Thanks a lot > I am most grateful for…

Thanks for your help, I want you to have this

Please accept this as a token of our gratitude

Thank you for your patience

That was awesome

We were very impressed

It was very impressive


What a cool presentation

It was a stimulating / fascinating /


Don’t forget

You forgot > Just a reminder that > We would like to remind you that 

You haven’t… > It seems that xxx hasn’t been done

Sorry but nope


Unfortunately it’s not possible

Sadly, it just isn’t possible

While we tried to accommodate your request, it wasn’t possible.

It seems unlikely

At this point, it’s not possible to proceed any further


Ending an email / meeting

Laters > See you (soon)! > Looking forward to seeing you (soon)

I look forward to seeing you

Looking forward to next week

Signing the end

Bye > Regards > Best Regards

for formal / legal letters  = Yours sincerely

After giving help or doing something nice  = Kind regards