Presentations 3

    1. Simplifying
    2. Stressing Key Words
    3. Dramatic Language
    4. Contrasts
    5. Adding Ideas
    6. Going Offtopic
    7. Returning back to the topic
    8. Moving to next speaker
    9. Taking Questions

To be honest…/Frankly speaking…
Basically…/To put it simply…
Believe me…

2.STRESSING key words

Auxiliary verbs- do/does/did
We did achieve many things last year.
It does seem to be the best solution.
We did think very carefully about this.

I agree, it is important.
We have tried repeatedly, believe me.
There is a lot of room for improvement.

3.Using dramatic language

A total/absolute/complete disaster!!!
A great/outstanding/remarkable success!!
Completely/ totally unacceptable!

Absolutely/Quite brilliant!
Astounding / surprising results!
Fantastic / Incredible!

It is risky / It is commercial suicide.

This may be a problem. / This will lead to chaos.

We need this. / This is an absolute must.

Some will complain. / There will be a riot.


Mini test

Your boss says: “You didn’t watch the presentation, did you?”

  1. Explain truthfully that you didn’t
  2. Reply using emphasis that you did
  3. You reply: “Of course, I did and it was ______” (Use dramatic language)
4.Contrasting for effect

Actually…/In fact…/In reality…/The truth is that…
Yesterday it was easy. Today it is far more difficult.

5.Adding ideas

In addition to this…/Moreover…
Despite this…
So…/Therefore…/ Consequently

6.Moving to other areas/offtopic

By the way…/Incidentally…
If I could just digress for a second…
I would like to look at… in passing.

7.Returning back

Let me now return to…
Let me now come back to…
OK, coming back to…

8.Moving to next speaker

Now I will pass you over to /hand over to Joe.

Now, I’d like to hand you to my colleague

And now, Andy will talk to you about X

Let’s move to the next part, my colleague Andy will now take over.

Now here’s Andy to talk about the next point.

Terry will now take the floor

I’ll now give the floor to Joe

9.Taking questions

Are there any questions or comments on that?

Would anyone like to raise / ask a question at this point?

John, did that answer the question you had about…?

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