Guild Raid

Omega Rugal, Nightmare Geese and very likely more to come. Loli Chang has guest starred. These are in weekly rotation.

The new mode that allows you to 'play' with your guild members as a team to defeat the boss!


If you don't participate, you don't get any rewards.

If you participate and reach none of the score tiers and the guild fails to clear a level, you get nothing.

The only way you help your guild is by clearing a level. Even if you help, if you do not reach a score tier, you get NOTHING. Even if the guild clears the level, you get NOTHING.

If you participate and pass one the score tiers, and the guild clears the level, you get DOUBLE the reward for the score tier!


  • When you use a key, the timer will start so you get another one in 6 hours.
  • If you start with two keys, as soon as you use one, the timer will start, it will not restart for the 2nd key.
  • Note, as soon as you have two keys, the timer will freeze... So you need to spend a key at least every six hours.
  • You don't need to play it every day, 4 times a day, you can play it once to get your max damage, then hit the skip button 2/3 times a day. Easy!
  • Your objective is to use the least amount of keys to clear a difficulty and get the max rewards possible. A player with strong characters can clear expert with 2 keys and then use the remaining 2 to get something from lunatic. Note that the best rewards are from the highest difficulty so there is relatively no point clearing easy to hard when you have strong characters. The best rewards here are burn stones with Attack up bonuses.
  • Strategies

    July 2021: after trying various strategies including full awakening combos, comparing damage, time stalling with supers, it simply seems a matter of doing the most supers and tagging in and out as much as possible, this will get the most damage. All the videos you will see will not explain that you need to adjust and adapt, constantly!

    Omega Rugal: General Tips

    Rugal has a break bar, break it with his weakness (different per level: burn, darkness, starlight). Once he is "broken" hit him with skills or awakening combos. Do not use supers unless you have nothing left, you should be using supers to stall time. Awakening combos will do 10m damage in comparison to a super which will do 1~2m damage, and the biggest problem is that during the long animation, his break bar will expire, often meaning he will interrupt your attack with a burst which will damage your character. Note that some 3pgs do much more damage depending on card set, but in fact the best damage and strategy is from a combination of supers plus 20~50% of the awakening bar combo.

    The best strategy is to use very specific characters who will spend skills then do their super move to stall time, then tagging to a weakness depleting character that allows the last character tag in and break Rugal and then combo to the max, AND THEN managing to repeat this cycle BEFORE Rugal does his invincible interrupter (aka "his break"). Rugal's routine, where he attacks, breaks, and powers up is repeated three times, actually lasts around 2 minutes, but the best strategies draw this out to 4 to 6 minutes.

    Easy/ Hard: Use characters with Burn, such as FES K' and Nameless. You could use Nests Kyo but the best team synergy is with Pretty Zero who will give a 20% power gain buff along with 40% attack. This will allow Nameless and K' to go crazy.


    Use characters with darkness: Dellons, Saiki, Halloween Gatecrasher Chris and Lady Geese. Saiki is a good leader but only for yellows.... he should inflict darkness and swap out immediately. Rachel is the best character overall for this quest. Equipping her with the Gintama set is extra great. All other characters should have Leah sets or next strongest attack sets.

    Lady Geese as the BEST and most reliable striker to inflict darkness. Remember to use her as you do skills, you have 7 seconds to tag and get in all that damage! If you don't break Rugal, it's likely to be game over, but some characters like Mai and Merlin can break his bar without weakness (how much depends on their level).

    Best teams:

  • Dellons, Rachel, Goenitz (Lady Geese and H.Chris as strikers).
  • O.Iori, Goenitz, Dellons (H.Chris, L Geese, Rachel)
  • BS Rugal, K', Saiki (L Geese, H.Chris, Ash)
  • The Rock, Dellons, Goenitz (L Geese, Eileen, H.Chris)
  • Dellons, Rachel, Shane (Rudy, Eileen, K' FES)
  • Idol Alice, Rachel, Nameless (Cena, L Geese, H. Chris)
  • Nameless, Saiki, FES K' (L Geese, Ash, H. Chris
  • Dellons, L Geese, H. Chris (Eileen, Geese, FES Leona)
  • B Jenet, H.Chris, Rachel (Goenitz, L Geese, FES Liz)
  • Other considerations:


  • Kim 96 as leader
  • Idol Alice
  • K'
  • BS Rugal
  • Bonne Jenet
  • Bugs

    Rachel S2 has a glitch where the flames stay on Rugal. Cycle through skills S1, S3, S2 then rapidly press your basic attack button until the skills reset. (now fixed)

    Rachel's 3PG can cancel if you press too many buttons while it's animating. (fixed)

    Rachel can get stuck and nothing will happen until Rugal hits her (fixed)

    O.Rugal Lunatic

    Lunatic has now been literally obsoleted by Krizalid A3 who can do it solo with Akane set and Maxima /Gintoki cooldown cards.

    Suggested team is Mai, Athena (or XI Liz) and Eileen or Rachel or Merlin. Rugal's weakness is Starlight. Mai's damage is absolutely ridiculous, if you have her at three stars, it's going to be great.


    Mai gives the female boost of 60%

  • Mai with Gintama Set, Mai 6* Option Card, Orochi Burn damage Option Card + XIV Geese Striker
  • Athena with Athena Card Set, Mai 6* Option Card, 7DS Green Pig Option Card + Lovely Idol Kula Striker
  • Eileen with Serena Set, Mai 6* Option Card, Gintama PG Gain Option Card + Rachel Striker or Xmas Liz
  • Start with Mai, do S1, S2, S3, reset, repeat, tag to Athena
  • Athena S1, S2, S3, reset, S1 S2 but watch the starlight bar and tag when it reaches 60%
  • Eileen calls striker, S3, S2, S1, (Rugal should be broken here) core super, hit Rugal with basic attacks and build meter then tag to Mai when Rugal is about to recover
  • Mai does her 3PG super then tag in Athena
  • Rugal will probably do his invincible interruption here but Athena can take the damage. Before or after, do Athena's 3pg or skills to build bar to do it. After the super, Athena resets her skills
  • Now start the rotation: Hit Rugal with skills and get bar to 60%: tag to Eileen, striker, S3, S2, core, - your aim is to break rugal with last hit. You may need to adjust how many skill you use, depending if you are too early or too late with the tag, or how much your character can deplete Rugal's bar (you should check this, for example Athena with Merlin set depletes arguably TOO MUCH bar!). Do Eileen's 3PG as soon as possible (or do skills to build it). Depending on how much of Rugal's recovery meter is left, either do skills with reset or do Awakening combo. Always end just before he recovers with 3PG and tap S1 as you finish but if he interrupts then tap tag to Athena. The game will let you have one or two inputs while he interrupts, but if you mash other buttons, it's all for nothing. Either way, start your rotation: if you're greedy, you may be able to tag to Eileen and break him before he interrupts which will give you a big bonus via time extension.
  • If you're greedy, you can use a skill as you finish a super and tag immediately, you will see both characters on screen attacking (you don't need to wait for the first to finish the animation).
  • When you're comfortable, start using awakening to lose a little time but give your attacks a little boost. It all counts in the end. Best times to do it are when a character tags in or when Rugal is about to hit you.
  • Other teams use 7DS Melodias, Merlin and King or BS Rugal, 7DS King and whatever. 3-4* BS Geese and Krizalid can clear Lunatic solo.
  • Here's my explanation with Athena Orochi and Eileen

    Here's Inti using Mai Athena and Rachel

    Here's Mr Rexplite using Mai Merlin and Athena to clear it with 1 key


    Kyo gives SS characters boost 60%

  • Mai with Serena Set, Mai 6* Option Card, Krauser option Card + XIV Geese Striker
  • Athena with Saisyu Card Set, Mai 6* Option Card, O.Leona Option + Lovely Idol Kula Striker
  • Kyo with Serena Set, SS 6* Option Card, BS Rugal or BS Krizalid option Card + SS Iori Striker
  • Start
    1. Kyo, do S2, S1, S3, reset skills if lucky, repeat, tag to Mai
    2. Mai, do S2, S3, S1, reset, repeat, tag to Athena
    3. Athena S1, S2, S3, reset, whatever + basic attacks (roll past Rugal's attacks) (keep doing basic till you get enough power for 3PG), 3PG, S3,S2,S1 tag to Kyo
    4. Now the Rotation starts:
    5. Kyo: S1, awaken, call striker,S2, S3, core super, awaken combo, tag to Mai with 20% bar remaining
    6. Mai: S2, call striker, S1, S3, 3pg, tag to Athena so she can take the hit from Rugal
    7. Athena S1, S2, S3, reset, whatever + basic attacks (roll past Rugal's attacks) (keep doing basic till you get enough power for 3PG), 3PG, S3,S2,S1 tag to Kyo
    8. Kyo: S1, call striker, S2, S3, core super, tag to Mai
    9. Mai: S2, awaken, call striker, S1, S3, core super, awaken combos, at last second do 3PG, then tag to Athena so she can take the hit from Rugal
    10. Athena S1, S2, S3, 3PG, S3, S2, S1 tag to Kyo
    11. repeat from step 5

    N.Geese Lunatic

    yes, this boss is hard and requires (so far) limited characters. It is generally the same routine, however.

    Check out Bandalgom TV for more variations!

    With thanks to:
  • Inti
  • Mr Rexplite
  • Jimmy Dance
  • Bandalgom
  • The Big Review

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