The Best Characters

This article explains why the best are the best. If you have access to FES characters (purple border icon), you can skip this section and go to the list of FES characters at the bottom. The simple list of current top characters are back on the home page.

Starting the Game As said before, the Kyo, Terry and Ryo that you picked when you started the game, can be put to the side. Why? Because they are Bronze characters. This chapter will cover which characters to start with in the game and then go into detail about the differences. Ultimately you'll need a team of five gold rated characters of the five element colours.

If you don’t know anything about the King of Fighters characters, the most important thing to know is that at the beginning of the game, the gold characters are the best. If you’re playing casually, it won’t matter, bronze characters can still destroy opponents, so pick anyone that you like, but for the later stages of the game, you’ll need the strongest characters possible, and those are gold, simply as a matter of base statistics, which are overall represented as Combat Points (CP).

If you do know the King of Fighters characters, the characters from KOF 94-98 are available with a few guests such as K’ and Maxima, at the start of the game. Because the game events revolve around the calendar, other characters appear depending on the date.

The typical strategy is to choose your favourite character and put all your efforts into them. This isn’t actually efficient but at the start of the game, you can raise your character to levels of super power where it doesn’t matter. Either way, you will start to collect and raise a team of five different element colours. We’ll cover the color system in the Fighting section of this guide, let’s focus on choosing the characters first.

Before you make your final decisions, the game will actually provide you with the following characters if you do their quests.

  • Kyo 96 -purple
  • Terry 96 -yellow
  • Vice 98 -red
  • Mature 96 -green
  • All these characters are gold rated and will be raised to level 80 if you complete the festivals in this order; this is huge because the time and cost to raise a character is much higher, so if you want to get through the game quickly or don’t have a preference for characters, use these! In fact, these characters will definitely be useful in the future. You will be using them sooner or later. Commentary: while doing these quests you'll find you will be able to raise Iori 97, a silver rated character with a really poor defence! With the souls you'll collect he can be easily raised to 90 but bear in mind when he gets hit he'll be blown away like a leaf in the wind … this might seem pointless right now but (much) later on there are missions that need a character exactly like him… it’s not a priority but don’t salvage those souls until you completely max out the character!!!

    Step Up

    Step up has been replaced with the Unified banner but just in case it comes back ...

    The Step Up selection from the summon section guarantees one of the fighters on offer (at a cost of 2,700 rubies), and they are gold rated. They will be offered at level 1 so you’ll have to raise them without any help from the game. They are certainly strong characters… In comparison getting a festival character can take 27,000 rubies... Step Up begins with Kyo 95 and K’, then Maxima 99 and King 97, then Mr Big and Xiangfei and continues…

    For your full element team you should be aiming for Kyo 95 or anyone who is a blue element.

    One strong character can take you through level 50 difficulty quests without worrying about the other two in your team, while you set the game to automatic mode. Because of the leverage color system, your character has a weakness against a certain colour type and will get hit for 50% more damage, but if the difference between you and your opponent’s level is high enough, it won’t matter. When it does, with some manual tagging out or taking control in tougher fights, you can get through a lot of the game.

    For the fans of KOF, start with your favourite, hopefully a gold version, and then level them up until you find more five star characters that come along, taking one of each colour. Do not start with two of the same colour in your team (unless you really love them)! You will still need the gold characters that the game gives you to get through certain quests but you can level them up when needed.

    But what if you have no gold characters at the start? That’s when the infinite summon ticket comes into play.

    The Summon Ticket

    When you start you should have one summon ticket to use and the game is more likely to give you a gold character when you have none. There is no point saving this ticket, the selection of characters is limited and will not change.

    From the first line up, these characters are highly rated. In fact, pretty much all the 5 star characters are great. They appear as red icons in the summon lottery. When summoning (aka going for a pull) the box can shine yellow then change to red, or even change to red at the line up screen so don’t lose hope when watching! Keep going till you get a 5 star that you like.

    Arguably any of the 5 star characters are awesome but some have a little extra to stand above the others. Looking at the international community discussion, it's more or less out of these:

  • Kyo 95 - huge damage
  • King 97 / 94 / 98
  • Rugal 94
  • Mai 95 - all round winner
  • Shermie 97 - huge damage as leader bonus
  • Chizuru 96 / 97
  • K' 99 - big damage
  • Ryo96 - highly efficient at Arena
  • Yuri 95
  • Benimaru 99 - useful Vs certain bosses
  • Blue Mary 97
  • Athena 97 - great combo machine and heals herself
  • Considering that the game wants you to spend money, the gold and ultra rare characters must be stronger than the rest and this is evidenced in the tier lists. There's still a few things to consider first, however...

    Kyo95 is a great choice, and you can get him from the step up. My recommendation is to do the re-roll until you get Mai 95. The problem with getting a character is that after you get them, you need to get their super move card. You get Mai's action card as a reward for doing early quests and you can get her souls every day from the expert mode in KOF98. She's fantastic in PvP mode too.

    If you have King's quest available (the most precious thing to King) then you could go for her because you'll get her action card from that quest. Note that if you get Kyo 95, you'll get purple Kyo, yellow Terry, red vice, green mature, giving you a full element team.

    In conclusion… get Mai 95 from the summons and get Kyo 95 from the step up.

    In the long run, you'll be aiming to collect a boss character for your team, but you don't need to worry about that right now, unless you have a ton of rubies and cash at your disposal.

    Commentary: The point is that you'll have more fun if you pick a character that you like seeing on the screen. If you are like the look of a character, pick them! If they are weak, find the strongest character you can to help power them up. If you don't have any favourites, just pick the strongest character you can, you'll have fun destroying the opposition! If you just like winning, then pick Mai and try to get Kyo 95. After getting your first characters, you’ll then be faced with the summonable Festival (FES) characters, who are usually even more amazing. The strongest characters are purple grade (their box has a purple lining) and if the game offers you one, you can stop worrying about all this and just focus on that character. Some characters are good just for their striker abilities, check the fighting section for more info.

    Is Gold Worth its weight?

    The real difference with Gold grade characters: you can examine the full power of a character by visiting the codex (found in the top right menu button). Look out for their core skills too, some characters have very interesting skills… Ultimately the gold characters with the higher Combat Points (CP) are better overall, and after you have made your choices, you’ll need cards!

    With this example, we have Andy 94 (silver). His stats are lower than Andy 98 (gold). The year is irrelevant, some characters are stronger in earlier incarnations.

    Briefly, Bronze and Silver characters have a lower CP (combat point) value. You need CP to fight the harder quests and compete in versus mode, as it represents your statistics. The Gold Characters (and above) are simply the best. If you visit the codex page (from the top right menu button) you can compare stats and look at cores, which can give special abilities. Note these stats are given without buffs, so you can still increase them above those listed at level 90.


    The stars represent how much you need to evolve them. 3 star characters will max out at 30 and then need to be evolved 3 times to reach level 60, while gold 5 star characters only need to be evolved once. Evolutions are expensive!

    Then, after you evolve to level 60, you can limit break to level 90, using character souls, KOF souls, colour souls or rainbow souls.

    You cannot use gold souls for bronze and silver characters and vice versa. The silver and bronze souls are more rare to find, making this process more difficult!

    The first time to find bronze and silver souls was in the soul Festival but now can be found from Advent bosses (aka drops).

    So, it’s just not worth picking a bronze or silver character, unless you really like them! Their stats are generally lower so if we can assume that levelling gives your character the same amount of points, the gold characters will always be ahead of their bronze and silver counterparts.

    Notice the stars only represent their max level before you can evolve: 4 stars takes this character to level 40 before you have to evolve, but every character can get to level 90. However, due to base statistics, the gold characters will still be the strongest. Comparing the levels, gold characters simply have higher overall statistics. For the casual player, it doesn't matter, there are still lots of fun to be had, but for the player who wants to do the hardcore quests with the biggest rewards, and player Vs player modes, the overall higher CP will be a distinct advantage.

    In various years of KOF, some characters have different moves, losing, gaining or changing them, but this is not accurately represented in the game. Some characters even have new moves which are exclusive to KOFAS. For example, Kensou has a new flying elbow which has added kicks!

    Note : AS characters cannot be levelled up with gold, silver or bronze souls. Coloured souls are needed, making them the hardest to level up, in terms of resources. In conclusion: go for gold!!! Don’t waste too much time thinking about this, because ultimately you’ll want a purple FES character...

    The FES Characters

    While there are some very good characters within the normal selection pool, the Festival (FES) characters are a tier above. Some are even “god tier”, usually in the form of bosses from the actual KOF games.

    Best PvE

    This is a list of characters that will help you get through quests quickly.

  • Orochi 97
  • Any FES character
  • O.Shermie
  • EQ Saisyu
  • EQ Mecha Goenitz
  • Orochi is the god of the game, still the best overall for PvE due to his healing ability. Hooded Jin has invincibility for days. You’ll need Orochi Shermie or someone with shock to pass some quests. EQ Saisyu is an awesome striker for defense characters plus is a blue element that will be handy for the hell dungeon. Mecha Goenitz is very useful for healing.

    Best PvP

    This list changes with every release of a new character.

    NOTE: Characters have a weakness through elements - a top ten is not realistic due to counter character match ups, but as everyone loves to argue, here you go:
    1. Lady Mr Big
    2. John Cena
    3. Goenitz
    4. The Rock
    5. Saiki
    6. Nameless
    7. O.Rugal
    8. P. Zero
    9. Adelheid
    10. Brianna

    Character Breakdown

    Pretty Zero

    Once you get hit by her cats, say goodbye to 90% of your life. Players choose one of these patterns: Cat attack X2, aerial cat, then move in with uppercut Cat attack cancelled into uppercut, which hits anyone who rolled past the first attack. Wait.

    Zero's weakness is that if you hit her before the cats hit you, the cats vanish. So if you are also using Zero and attack with aerial cat, you'll win versus pattern 1 players.

    For tactic 2. Just block and hope she doesn't get lucky with "ignore guard"

    Your biggest problem is players who use tactic 3.


    Anyone who says Nameless is easy to beat has been playing against noobs. Nameless is ferocious and top 10 for a reason. The noob will spam all his skills, then attack and leave themselves open to punish. The pro player will attack with S2 as it gives him immunity and then hammer with normals before cancelling into S3 or S1, and then block cancelling so that they cannot be punished. What do you do then? If you don’t have a move that ignores guard, good luck, as Nameless will attack again, build meter and break your guard with a super. If he starts the next round with a super, it’s pretty much over.

    Weakness? It is possible to avoid a lot of damage from his Supers by awakening and rolling twice, and running to the far end of the screen. If he’s spamming his special moves with no thought, punish after the last skill or after he performs his final normal, the drill arm. Count the use of his skills, but remember his S2 gives him immunity. Ban him in Championship Mode.

    Omega Rugal

    This guy is a real son of a bitch. If your timing is weak, you are finished. The problem is his plasma ball, as soon as he does it, he’s invincible with hyper armour. The ball will cause a stun if it touches you (but you can block it). While you are thinking about whether to roll or block it, Rugal will be coming up with his godpress running grab, which you cannot block. A lot of players try to roll the plasma, and get eaten by the godpress. Other players try to block the plasma, and get eaten by the godpress. What should happen is you block the plasma and when you see the godpress coming, you roll. If your reaction speed or the lag is too much, you can only predict and roll.

    When Rugal lands the godpress, you need to mash that awaken button and get away. If you’re put into the corner, Rugal will do S1 (Genocide Cutter) into S2/S3 then block cancel into S1 again (as it’s a free skill reset). If he has a super he can combo that too.

    O.Rugal's weaknesses are Zero who has reflect stun and Adelheid who has skill nullify.

    The players with fast reaction speed will just murder you.

    Weakness: Nameless doesn’t care about his stun. Zero will reflect his stun. Mature will steal that hyper armour. Adel can cancel it out. When he hits you with his super, awaken and roll or you will die. Using O.Rugal is also a good counter!


    This is one of the best allround characters in the game because of his debuff ability and speed. If the opponent gets hit by ANY of his skills (pvp only), there is a 70% chance to say goodbye to buffs such as hyper armour. Very often a Goenitz that charges forward with his dashing invincible S3 will end up on the floor wondering what happened as Adelheid proceeds to literally kick the shit out of him. Adelheid's S3 has a 50% chance to stun on the last hit, making it a worthy hail mary when the opponent blocks everything, which is the best counter to his tricks.


    Roll, hope to avoid his S2. If he hits you with S2, you’re dead. The combo is : S2, normals till he does his jump kick, cancel that into S1, two normals into S3. Good counters are Adel or Goenitz or Ms Big. Ban him in Championship Mode (priority 1).


    Same as Saiki, you need to avoid the dashing special otherwise it’s game over. A spammer will do this move and then the other two, so rolling can avoid them. A good Goenitz player will attack with normals and then punish anyone who rolls past him. You need a red element such as O.Rugal or Ms Big to have any chance, but Terry ‘03 and Adelheid also do well. Ban him (priority 2).

    John Cena

    His running grab with armour is very, very annoying. When he gets lower than 50% health, he can just rush around the screen with little care, he just seems to be invincible all the time. Roll around and use invincible moves like O.Rugal’s plasma ball or send cats his way. A yellow element character would be ideal. You need to be fast on reaction and not predictable, otherwise the running grab will get you. It’s easier to just ban him in Championship Mode (priority 1).

    The Rock

    Don’t let him grab you, stay back and use a rapid special move to hit him during his super armour and then roll and run while he’s being hit. Ban him in Championship Mode (priority 1).

    FES Gintoki

    Players often start the round with his S1 which is unblockable unless you have an invincible move to trade with it. If you don't have one, just take the hit, don't roll or you'll get hit by his other skills. You’ll need a character with high defense and hyper armour or immunity to survive his onslaught, not to mention he gets a lot of immunity when hit. His multi slashing move can be interrupted just before the final swing, there is a tiny pause… but it’s risky with lag.

    Ms Big

    As with most characters her strategy is to beat you down until you roll and then dive into your back and combo you to death. Any counter to this will be met with the S3 hyper armour uppercut, unless she used it in a combo already, on top of that, when she hits you, she reduces your attack by 40%. If you hit her, you’re going to get stunned in 15 seconds, which means a guaranteed free combo! She was the 2nd character to be behind a paywall, and she was worth it. She is incredibly strong. Did I mention the poison damage on top?

    Against Ms Big, use Ms Big and let the other do the S3 uppercut first, take a few hits and then do your own, so that you will be the one with immunity lasting the longest and therefore able to hit.

    Nameless is a good counter. As a blue, Rock Howard should be good… Goenitz can grab her drill!

    I don’t ban her because she doesn’t have a grab. But… with two cooldown card, she can continually press the attack, so if you can't interrupt it, she will build her super meter and eventually kill you.


    Can reset the cooldown of your moves twice due to a combo of his skills, leaving you with around 10 seconds of helplessness. And that is simply when you block. The more deft will roll out because of course he is building meter.

    Idol Kula

    Don’t let her block because this builds her power gauge! When you see the big ice glacier appear, don’t touch it! Guard or roll past and cancel into a skill, unless she’s waiting on the other side. Characters like Adel or Gintoki should attack immediately with S1, then use the other skills and then block! She can be a real pain. Mature’s reflect freeze in action is quite funny here, it kind of works, it kind of doesn’t.

    Summer Mature

    Her secret weapon is her S2 grab which steals super armour. Stay back or roll and hope she isn’t fast enough to catch you! Her S3 is the spiderwebs special, most people roll into it on reflex - so stand still!


    Lady Maxima has a running grab with super armour and a full screen laser blast making her as dangerous as Rugal but actually less defensive. If the opponent can't dodge well, one skill will be comboed into the others and it's game over. The usual projectile games work here, so if the opponent tries to roll past the laser they will get caught by the running grab etc

    Summer Vice

    Unless this gets patched, Vice will destroy most opponents because she can loop all her skills at least three times into a combo. In the corner she can add a basic attack between each skill while the opponent is in the air. She's an excellent counter to Ms.Big because she has stun reversal.


    S1 has so much armour it seems to go through everything, after which the next skills are comboed and it's game over. However the key is that S1 is actually a counter move, and should be done as late as possible while being hit and not juggled into the air. This is what allows Shion to win the super armour (SA) battle. Otherwise health is vvery low and Shion will die like a candle in the wind.

    Lady Geese

    The jury is still out but she is designed to counter Loli Kim, Mukai and P Zero because if they hit her while she is petifried, they will get stunned.

    Iori and K'

    The new meta: PG (power guage) reduction. These two are great counters to the Tekken set and any character such as Nameless that mashes skills trying to get a super. Coupled with reversals on hit mechanic, they spell doom for many characters. Iori needs to stay close however, and the low gravity of K' can work against him when an opponent such as Geese starts throwing blasts on the ground.

    Getting a FES character is quite the experience. Some take a lot of grinding with hardcore battles, others just require luck, while others just require cash. In fact, as with many features in this game, everything can be acquired with real life currency, otherwise work hard needs to be done, or just get lucky. It can be exhilarating at times and depressing at others. The greatest joy is getting a character you like for free from the summons. Either way, there will always be another stronger character in a future summon. It’s a continuous cycle of getting the strongest character and sitting on top of the hill until the next festival. Good luck!