Kotobukiya Store

Here's a photo tour of the figures inside with exclusive protoypes and collaborations!

Kotobukiya Store Tour Photo

Getting to the store

Off the strip Near the akiba train station get to the bridge where you can see the Sega Arcades, put the arcades in front of you then walk past them.


Store Overview

Premium Store You won't save any money here.

  • Game merch
  • Disgraced by God Waifus
  • Highest Quality
  • Prototypes
  • Back streets
  • No second hand stock

You may even see a mascot at the front and get to take some photos.

Collaboration spot

Exclusives Even though the Squeenix store isn't far from here, you'll find lots of stock from them and other companies.

Squenix and Atlus

Check out these cabinets.

Monster Hunter

Fans of the Capcom title will like the section devoted to the wee beasts.

Gender Bends

Arguably super popular in Korea, Kotobukiya has jumped on the gender bending theme with plenty of Marvel and cinema icons, turning them into hot female versions.


Also on display are pre-production moulds, which may or may not be different in the final release. It's quite interesting to see and one of the only places to see such designs.

More Anime

My Hero Academia, Darling in the Franxx, Eva, Trigun, AOT, and uhhh more figures, maybe you can tell me which series these come from.

Waifus and smut

Railgun, Re:Zero, Toradora, Valkyria Chronicles... why would you do this? Be careful what you zoom into from this point, if you're in a public area... but there are some very pretty figures too. Also, Steins Gate, Is the order a rabbit, Yu Yu Hakesho, and Zoids too why not

What's next?

That brings us to the end of this Kotobukiya store tour. We hope you enjoyed it! There are other pages on this site with more photos and guides to Japan for figures, gamer landmarks and restaurants!

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