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Re: KOF XIII - Trial Mode Vids

Posted: Sun Jan 10, 2016 09:37
by Dark_Chaotix

I actually had a harder time with Andy than some other characters, with I was surprised with. Mainly because how I sit, it was impacting on how I record.

Also, for all the trials I do hcf+A/C for db~f+A/C. This will help alot with the later trials.

3. Learn that hcf+B~BD has to be done pretty quick. Essentially you are doing the BD as you do the move and not when it hits the opponent.

7. db~f+A has to be done as soon as you can, in order to get the two elbows in.

8. I found it easier to do the first elbow with C, and when doing db~f+AC, you have to let it hit neutral or else you will get dp+AC instead.

9. The hardest combo in his trial set with a couple of shortcuts. Like all the other combos, have to do each move as soon as you can for maximum height.

The first shortcut is after the DM, with dp+A, db~f+A, db~f+A. It should be done with hcbf+A, hcf+A, hcf+A. You can still do it by dp+A , hcf+A but I personally found the above easier to do.

The second one is after the DM then dp+A, SDM. Similar to the above, hcbf+A, hcf+BD is the shortcut.

10. Deep jD is required for cC to hit.

Re: KOF XIII - Trial Mode Vids

Posted: Tue Jan 26, 2016 02:13
by Dark_Chaotix

Sorry for the grainy look. The clips didn't rec properly

3. This is a non drive cancel combo as the DM is a 1-2 frame link. If you can't do, you can drive cancel it from rapid punch.

4. Try to get used to the rapid punch~qcb+A/C move as you will need it for later when you cancel in DM's. It's imperative that you start mashing punch after dp+B, but not too early as sometime it will drive cancel into hcf+A/C.

jD is an early hit, not late.

5. f+B is delayed after sD in order to get hcf+A to connect. To get the SDM, with the above trial done, just have to quickly do the SDM.

6. Don't wait for the fb to hit, do the fb and the DM quickly. The NM can be done anytime before the last knee.

7. Last dp+B is done late so you can HDC into DM.

8. Similar to the above trial, do late dp+B into DM so NM can still hit.

9. Have to be quick for this one and do dp+B~hcf+B at the maximum height or else when you get to hcf+BD it won't hit properly.

10. This trial will take a few attempts, and thats just to get the DM part right.

The trick is, you need to get the opponent at the right height so the DM bounces the opponent. Funny enough, you can go too high and it doesn't work. For the vid, I did qcb+A/C after 3 hits of rapid punch and canceled into DM at the tip of the qcb+A/C punch. If done right you will get the bounce that you need to continue the combo. Another way is to do rapid punch and let the opponent hit the initial punches, they bounce up and another punch which then you do qcb+A/C into DM. Same thing applies but just give you a bit more time to do the DM. You have to time the qcb+A/C tho to hit high.

The rest of the combo is fairly straight forward. Keep pressing punch during the first DM so you catch them on the way down. You do not need to hold BD during NM as it will wait for the drop of the SDM. I just held it as because I'm stupid like that.

Re: KOF XIII - Trial Mode Vids

Posted: Tue Jan 26, 2016 02:14
by Dark_Chaotix

5. Do qcb+C in the air really late to link the DM at the end.

8. The first air qcb+C done really late then you run a little to connect the rdp+B. Not too low tho or else the second air qcb+C wont hit. Once you in the corner, just have to cancel air qcb+A/C as late as possible and you should be fine.

10. The second rdp+BD has to be done as late as possible so you can link qcb+A/C. Shortcut for rdp+B into NM is hcfb+B, qcf+AC