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I'm learning KoF 98 as my first proper fighting game (Played Soul Calibur V for a while), and since there is no frame data available, I have some questions.

I just want to know which characters have reversals that are invincible on frame one, what they beat, what they lose to, and so on. I want to know what sort of meaty attacks I can do on each of the characters. Can I do a jumping meaty but not a standing one? Can I do a meaty sweep but not a close standing D? Are some meaties safe if he has no meter, but unsafe if he does? and so on.

I'll start with what I have learned by playing, and hopefully other users can contribute with their knowledge. I will add this to the OP.

The list:

Mature: No reversals that are invincible on frame one. Close ground meaties, air meaties, and sweeps all work, regardless of her meter.

Terry Bogard: Rising tackle has armour on frame 1, so you need to do an air meaty on him. Close ground meaties will be absorbed by his armour, and then you will get hit by the rising tackle, unless you did a standing meaty in to your own invincible move. I'm not sure if a meaty sweep works at tip range or not. You can punish his reversal if you block it.

Kyo: Same as Terry Bogard: armour on frame 1, punishable by blocking, air meaties work.

Goro Daimon: His grabs have armour all over the place, so you need to do an air meaty rather than a close ground meaty. As far as I know, sweeps also work at tip range, because your hurtbox does not extend in to the range of his reversal. His reversal can be punished if you jump over it.

Chris: As far as I know, only his jumping grab is invincible on frame 1, so that's what can beat you if you do a standing meaty. You need to do an airbourne meaty if you want to be safe, unless you can do a ground move fast enough to recover before he comes down and grabs you (and jump in case he goes for it).

Like Goro Daimon, his reversal loses to jumping, but beats guarding, and doing a standing close C or D as a meaty will lose to the reversal.

EX Ryo: Doing a standing meaty vs a reversal uppercut always results in a trade, in my experience. It also seems to me like you can do meaty sweeps at tip range and beat the reversal clean. And naturally, airbourne meaties also work.

Takuma: With meter, the only safe meaty is an airbourne one. His super has a ton of invincibility, including frame one. It's unsafe on block if you're close enough to him. Without meter, however, he only has the counter hit punch, and I don't remember ever getting beat by it on wake up when doing a standing close D or crouching B as a meaty, so I'm pretty sure you can do whatever meaty you want on him as long as he doesn't have meter.

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