PS2 Orochi Hen : Japanese Casuals

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PS2 Orochi Hen : Japanese Casuals

Post by Toxic Avanger » Wed Oct 20, 2010 07:27

All of those weird cross over techniques that they brought back to KoF XIII actually managed to get me pretty pumped up playing '95 (which is where they are originally from), so here are some goodies:

The level isn't super advanced (not like those sixty something vids that smith posted on the board), but all of the basis are there (kara cancel cross overs, links, whiffed throw cancels, power charge feints, etc); plus it has AST, plus color edit.... So yeah.

There are 10 more videos on the channel (each new vid is an answer to the current one, so open up any vid in a new window and you'll browse everything easily) (plus the channel has a bunch of tutorials for Guilty Gear and other things for other fighting games that I don't care).

Vid 18 was amazing.

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Re: PS2 Orochi Hen : Japanese Casuals

Post by Gunsmith » Wed Oct 20, 2010 13:51

Toxic Avanger wrote:

It's funny how every Kyo player now uses HK to keep an opponent grounded.

Holy Crap that Clark was on crack!

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