EVO2012: MM Match Results

Money Matches

CafeID¦Gutts vs eLive.Pro¦Mr Kof 0-3

CafeID¦Pikachu vs eLive.Pro¦Mr Kof 3-2

CafeID¦Verna vs AS¦Reynald 2-3 (coming back from 2-0!)

CafeID¦Lacid vs AS¦Reynald  3-2

CafeID¦MadKof vs eLive.Pro¦Mr Kof 3-1

AS¦Reynald vs CafeID¦Gutts 3-1.

eLive.Pro¦Mr Kof vs CafeID¦Verna 3-1

The SoCal v

s Korea MM was 8-10

MadKof vs Reynald: 3-2 in an extremely close set!

Kane9999 wins 5-2 vs Fox

Juicebox_FGC wins 3-2 Pharaon92i

Romance wins 5-0 vs eLivefrionel

Fox vs Real Kim 5-3

Frionel vs Kane9999 3-2


Thanks to Kane317 and The Answer  for tweeting these!  Follow for more results!

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