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September 18, 2014

kof SF4     Gunsmith     2 Comments

Tournaments #KOF #USF4 Thaiger Uppercut @shibainutakechi #Duelling #Lonestar #3on3

DUELLING THE KOF 20 + 27 Sep Paris: This weekend is the best chance for French citizens to enter Road to Duelling the KOF because next week all the foreigners will have priority. IT’S GONNA...

September 16, 2014

kof UNIEL     Gunsmith     4 Comments

#SS64 #ADK Fan Films & Art #UNIEL Japan Tshirts, #KOFXIII

Samurai Showdown 64 Tournament UNIEL Alioune Camara : ‘It was the 1 year anniversary tournament with the best players for most characters.’ According to Yassine Karma, Japan’s two top Merkava and one of the best...

September 16, 2014

FGC News kof     Dark Chaotix     1 Comment

Shadowloo Showdown KoF XIII Pool Matches Featuring KDIT | Ren, KOK, Ryan Hart and ON | Colonov

Only top 4 for KoF XIII was streamed at Shadowloo Showdown, but Theundyingmage recorded some pool matches the day before featuring KDIT | Ren, KOK and a few others. Worth a watch! KDIT | Ren...

September 15, 2014

kof     Gunsmith     27 Comments

Visiting SNK USA in 1995 / OST Tier Lists / GUTTS TECH

SNK 1995 Yamazaky Geese posted this earlier, it’s a video by a Swiss fan club who came to visit SNK’s office, way back in 1995! You get to see the workplace and where they were...