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July 25, 2014

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#usf4 sako vs daigo #KOF98 Competition #UNIEL Nanase combos #UNIB #DOA #BBCP

KOF98 IOS Giveaway! Simply visit https://www.facebook.com/K0FW0RLD and LIKE! Random winners will be picked to get KOF98 on IOS!! Please share! Ps if you’re an old fan, you could unlike and then like to enter the...

July 25, 2014

arcsys blazblue SF4     Gunsmith     3 Comments

#USF4 #Crosscounter #BBCP #dengeki #FOTS

BBCP Another online tournament from a few weeks ago in France, single elim, but really, why did people pick Amane, the lowest tier in the game? Perhaps the BBCP community are more about fun than...

July 24, 2014

arcsys blazblue FGC News kof     Gunsmith     11 Comments

#KOF98 UK vs FR #BBCP Replay + Best #ROF video to date

This is sick!!!! It’s like rock band on expert, the guy is pressing all the keys, and it’s on time!!! It sounds really good!!! Now perhaps you can understand why ROF became #1 Game in...

July 23, 2014

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UK vs FR Ft10 #BBCP DragonLordZ vs Destroy 8pm GMT+1 #ivgc #stunfest

It’s Stunfest Champion vs IVGC Champion!!! Who will come out on top? 8pm in UK and 21:00 in France. Tune in to see the online destruction!!!! Watch live video from Gunsmith_ON on www.twitch.tv Don’t forget...