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April 15, 2014

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DOA5U (ver. 1.05) GEN FU – COMBO VIDEO

http://youtu.be/pC2qaFZ8eSw This video is meant to shed some light on what Gen Fu is capable of in ver. 1.05. It goes over B&B setups, Critical Burst setups, Power launcher combos (indoors and outdoors), as well...

April 14, 2014

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Latest Blazblue Chronophantasma 1.1 Combo Videos

Jourdal has uploaded some more 1.1 Combo videos this time for Kagura Mutsuki and Hazama. The links below will take you to them. Kagura Mutsuki 1.1 Combo Video Part 1 : Part 2: Part 3:...

April 14, 2014

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KOF at HOG and Ranbats Morocco Results

KOF Top 5 1st. Piccolo 2nd. Anouar 3rd. Rayden 4th. Supa 5th. Dango and Tenrai GG+R 1st. TAB 2nd. Luke 3rd. Robo 4th. Sean 5th. Ope and Finches thx TRUE.SUPA ON RANBATS MOROCCO 1-MF Frionel...

April 11, 2014

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Crossup Supers. Misterio/Sawyer #KOF

Seems legit! Could be a very expensive but horrible way to dish out some wtf damage lollll thx Sol3Chris! Here’s some new footage of Misterio vs Tom Sawyer FT10 thx to Yox And don’t forget...