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August 31, 2014

doa FGC News     Gunsmith     3 Comments

DOA for xbox1 and PS4 (updated trailer)

Here’s the first teaser trailer! Coming to XBOX1 and PS4, it at least confirms to have the bonus characters from the latest updates. Update: REAL TRAILER The question is, what else would be included to...

August 31, 2014

arcsys UNIEL     Gunsmith     No Comments

#uniel replays

From our 8 man tournament last night. Thanks minna san! Brackets Pre tournament casuals

August 31, 2014

arcsys kof SF4     Gunsmith     3 Comments

Shadowloo Showdown streaming now #USF4 #Smash #KOF #marvel #BBCP

At time of post it should be 10.30 in Australia, so Blazblue is already underway. Final day! Check out the streams to find out who will be the masters of the Australian Major! Schedule taken...

August 30, 2014

UNIEL     Gunsmith     1 Comment

#UNIEL Ft5 Challenges Streaming Now

Come spam, coz we are streaming the chat too! CHOCOBOTIGER, FRIONEL, FIDOSKIN, FLCLN9, the best of EU!!! Want to prove yourself? JOIN US Watch live video from Gunsmith_ON on www.twitch.tv