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January 27, 2015

GuiltyGear kof SF4     Gunsmith     2 Comments

Cannes #CWC Player Lists #kof #usf4 #ggxrd #shirts #ET #Shoki

Today’s update: We got Taiwan vs China on 98FE, Spreadshirt offers and player lists for CWC! Shoki in 2002UM Ft10 too! And maybe a little gift that concerns all FGC… What is a CWC? You...

January 26, 2015

FGC News kof     Vicio     8 Comments

Madcatz Has KoFGC’s Back!

The tweet by MarkMan confirms that Top 8 stream will be hosted by Madcatz. The Kings of Co, Team SLR, and The Texas KoF Crew (TKC) will also run pool streams at the event! Who’s...

January 26, 2015

arcsys GuiltyGear     Fidoskin     No Comments

Second Round of GGXRD League

Here is second round of Russian GGXRD league right now http://www.twitch.tv/gogawa stream page ON AIR http://tinyurl.com/pe8huy7 league page on english with scheudle and participants list

January 26, 2015

doa FGC News     Emperor Cow     33 Comments

Emperor Cow Meets Tomonobu Itagaki!

Prologue I have been a huge fan of Tomonobu Itagaki and his work for many years and I always wanted to meet the creative mind behind “Ninja Gaiden” and “Dead Or Alive”. A while back,...